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Everyday I Write The Book*

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Friends of mine who have written books (@nancyduarte, @andy_bounds, @echosvoice and @jonigalvao to name but a few) warned me that this whole book writing thing become an all-consuming part of your life.  They weren’t wrong.

As the deadline looms, my diary has swathes of time blocked out for writing – super early mornings and late nights are now the norm.  The dreaded writer’s block has raised it’s ugly head again (bizarrely on the most straightforward of all sections – visuals) and, amidst all of this, the business is closing out it’s third quarter.

Busy times…but happy ones.  We’re on the final stretch but still lots of writing to do…and then the dreaded edits!  Despite the frustrations of the last few days, the book seems to be making the evolution from personal passion to something that can stand on it’s own two feet.  I’m like a proud father.

Until next time,


* Well…what’s a blog if you can’t quote Elvis Costello now and again?