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Questioning the Presentation God Status of Steve Jobs – Will I Be Burned At The Stake for Heresy?

Friday, May 31st, 2013

After a couple of days of solid writing/editing/throwing entire sections in the bin and starting again, things are really starting to come together on the all important ‘raw ingredients’ part of The Presentation Lab book.

The ‘Raw ingredients’ section focuses in on what I believe to be the two most important elements of the presentation creation process – Audience and Message.  For way too long, people have paid these topics lip service but then rushed to focus on the ‘sexier’ elements of the presentation, namely the design and story development.  The book is shaping up to address the balance everso slightly.

In a whirl of creativity and passion for the topic in hand, I found myself questioning some of the sainted Steve Jobs’ presentation techniques…not a particularly comfortable place for a presentation expert to find themselves.  Steve Jobs is held up as the epitome of all things great in presentation so to question some of his approaches (or, more specifically, people’s responses to those approaches) feels almost sacrilegious.

The big question – did the legendary Steve Jobs’ showmanship get in the way of the message on occasion? 

We’ll see if today’s noodlings and doodlings make it to the final edit but, if nothing else, it proves to me that this book writing lark makes you challenge everything.  I’m rather enjoying it.

Have a great weekend.