So who should buy this book?

A good friend of mine used to talk about his addiction to buying business books.  He confessed that the allure of browsing his local bookshop or jumping online and revelling in the vast range of options at Amazon or Barnes & Noble was becoming a bit of a problem.  He concluded that it was the ‘idea’ of reading the book that appealed more than actually cracking the spine and getting something tangible from the author – ‘shelf development’ rather than self development.

No author wants their opus to sit unloved, unread and un-annotated on a shelf (sure, the royalty cheque from the publisher will go a little way to salve the pain…but, trust me, not that much!).

Nope – they want their work to make a difference.  To change the way people approach things, to spark a new idea or simply reinforce the good practices already in place.  Same goes for The Presentation Lab.

So who should be buying The Presentation Lab and how do I hope it will impact the way they approach presentations? 

Let me explain…

Oh, and please promise me one thing.

If you’re good enough to spend your money on buying the book, please read it, add notes to it and make it part of your presentation development toolkit. An unread book is an unhappy book.

The Presentation Lab: Learn The Formula Behind Powerful Presentations is available to preorder now via AmazonBarnes & Noble and other booksellers of repute.


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