Why should we listen to YOU?

Much to my surprise, I found the process of writing The Presentation Lab quite cathartic.  As the culmination of almost a decade of working with all manner of business presenters in a wide array of companies in many far flung places, it’s packed with lessons learned along with the way.  Quite a nice way of off-loading some of the issues that impact presenters every day.

It deals with the reality of business presentations, from the rising panic that comes with the realisation that your pitch has a notable absence of story or structure (let alone a clear message).

It addresses the constant allure of fancy new presentation technology…and then tells you what works best for different situations.

Oh, and it shares an insight into how to beat the culture of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ that so readily pervades businesses today.

And as all great presentations, it’s packed with stories and messages that are relevant to business presenters each and every day.  Presenters just like you…

The Presentation Lab: Learn The Formula Behind Powerful Presentations is available to preorder now via AmazonBarnes & Noble and other booksellers of repute.


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